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The John Jay H.O.P.E. Board of Directors
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"Being a dependent of a single parent, my family contribution toward 
my post-secondary education is rather limited.  I also have a twin sister who 
will also be attending college in 2002.  Though I have applied for financial 
aid, the John Jay H.O.P.E. Scholarship will exceedingly benefit not only 
myself, but my entire family as well.  I will not neglect the opportunity to 
receive the education I deserve..."

My Future Plans:

3:23 AM

It should appear that I am to be sleeping this hour; drained from the timeless exertion that is required of me.  I was perpetually awakened by means of a pager.

Beep!  ...Beep!  ...Beep!

With the life I sustain, sleep is no longer a necessity, it is merely a privilege issued by a "sanctioned God" (in italics) that senses my slightest lethargy.   As I dash into the doors of the University Hospital, I contiguously hear a blaring announcement:

"Dr. Hughes: Please report to Labor and Delivery!"

My anticipation strengthens, and I long to know why I received the 3:00 AM wake up call.  the elevator gradually proceeds to the ground floor.  I dart in and immediately push the fourth level button then head for the Maternity Ward.  Dr. Witz, a colleague of mine, transfers me to the changing room.  He informs me that the patient is in critical need of an emergency caesarian section.  Apparently, the mother-to-be is a teenager whose physique is extremely petite, and is incapable of delivering vaginally.  I quickly jump into the pale-green scrubs, and abruptly walk to the skin to begin performing the designated art of washing my hands.

(3 minutes later)

The procedure goes smoothly, and within seconds, I deliever yet another baby.  Just for a moment, I pause to breathe.  I am now ready to start over.

Unwittingly, I have failed to introduce myself.  I am Dr. Tonya Marie Hughes: OB/GYN.  As an African-American female, I have been doubted by many, yet the cynicism has only increased my desire to become a doctor; I succeeded.  Taking nearly ten years of training to get here, I thank God every chance I get, for I am truly blessed.  Through those years, I learned to stay true to my fate, and to never (never is underlined) doubt myself.

3:47 AM

"Living in a single parent Hispanic family of six children has 
enabled me to surpass obstacles.  I have obtained the GPA equivalent of an 
"A" while taking challenging courses in the midst of working a full-time job 
as a waitress.  Having to support my family at such a young age has given me 
the strength to press on, as well as endurance.  By sacrificing myself I have 
gained immense passion for people and love for life."

Blueprints for my Future:

Growing up where the San Antonio sun did not shine every day, I learned of setbacks that would ironically become my benefactors.  My mother worked to support six kids while my father was absent.  When I became of age, I too would become an income source for my family.  During my childhood, the word "goal" was as foreign as the word "higher education."  Unaware of the term "goal" I grew up believing they were simply lasting impressions or embellished dreams.  It was one afternoon that I met a writer of the same background as I.  This man told me goals could come true if I truly believed, 
and for proof he presented himself.

Taking the perspective of goal into mind, I applied it to my life by setting goals within academics, music, and life.  My goals produced titles such as:  National Honor Society, First Chair Flute, and College Bound.  I was the first of six children to have the opportunity to attend college.  As of this year I applied to Texas Christian University and was accepted.  Thanks to my 
educational goals, I will be part of the freshman class of 2002 at TCU.  My passion has always been film and music.  It is my goal to become part of the film industry, under the status of Film Direction.  I choose this career because I want to express the vivid colors of life through film and encourage others to pursue their dreams.  Along with majoring in film, I will minor in 
music.  I want to compose music because I feel that it is a universal communication that will never change in dialect.  My desire has always been to impact the lives of others, what better way than to give back with the gift that keeps on giving, inspiration.

"My family and work experience has shown me how to appreciate life 
more and how valuable life is.  I am just lucky to have parents who love me 
and are there for me and push me to do my best and accomplish my goals in life."

My Future Plans

I have always wanted to learn the medical field.  Nursing is a field that requires responsibility, determination and most importantly, care.  When I was a junior in school I took a clinical rotation class that really inspired me to pursue Nursing.  I worked with patients as a CNA and I really enjoyed it.  I like to help people and helping them get well is what I want to do. 
On the weekends I work at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital delivering medications to the nursing units.  When I walk into the nonatal unit I see babies about the size of a person's hand in little incubators with tubes all over their tiny, fragile bodies.  I wonder how can babies suffer like that with all the pain they are going through.  Their parents faces filled with grief and 
sadness.  Like all parents you want what's best for your children and you will do anything in your power to help, but they seem helpless.  I want to help newborn babies get well so they can lead a normal, productive life in the future.  In college I want to pursue a Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing and later in the future pursue a Masters of Science in Nursing.  I 
know it will take alot of hard work but I know I will accomplish what my heart is set out to do.  Knowing that I helped a bably get well will be an extraordinary experience that I will never forget because as long as I have knowledge and the will to learn I'll accomplish my dream.

photo pending
"Having a newborn baby has somewhat slowed my participation in my 
community activities, but I am still able to do some things."

Plans for my Future

My plan as a graduating Senior is to walk the stage June 3, 2002 and start my first year of college in the Fall of 2002 at St. Phillips Community College.  My course of study will be under Culinary Arts as a Baking and Pastry Chef.  I plan to go into this field because I love doing it and because it is a career that is in demand.  This career will better equip me to take care of 
my child and myself.  Being a single parent I know that I need a steady, well paying career, and this is what I love to do so I know this is the right course of study for me.  After I receive my Associates degree I want to further my education and work on getting a Bachelors degree in Business Management.

"My mom supports my sister and I on a single income.  She is also 
paying on her own college loan.  After expenses and household maintenance, 
there is no income remaining for my college education."

My Plans for the Future

I plan on attending Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.  I am going to attain a degree in English Education.  I want to make a difference in someone's life, and I think being a teacher is an excellent way to reach my goal.  As a student, it is important to me that my teachers develop a personal relationship with me.  I look to my teachers as role models and 
examples of how I want to be.  In the near future, I want to be an inspiration and a role model to my students.  My major is going to be English because it is a subject in which you can expand your mind and imagination, as well as read interesting novels, poetry and facinating short stories.  English is also a subject that enables you to explore the lives of brilliant 
authors and our forefathers.  I believe that English and grammar are the keys to one's success.  Without it, many people would not know how to write proper essays, or speak well.  Writing and talking is a part of our everyday lives, and I want to help someone to master these two arts.  My ultimate goal is to one day be a principal, so that I can be the head, and leader of a successful school.  Hard work, dedication, knowledge, and responsibility are some of the demands to being a prominent principal.  I am energized about taking on the challenge.

My goal is to be an inspirational tool in someone's life, and I plan on doing it by becoming a teacher, being a friend, and portraying a role model.  Everyone needs someone to guide him or her to and through success, and I want to be that someone.

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