Updated July 1, 2002
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Established October, 1998


Overcast skies and a slightly damp green over the Labor Day Weekend didn't keep golfers away from Tapatio Springs Resort for the Third Annual John Jay H.O.P.E. Golf Tournament, Silent Auction & Buffet Dinner, sponsored by the The John Jay H.O.P.E. Scholarship Fund and  COMPLETE MEETING MANAGEMENT. 

When Tournament play concluded, attendees spent the afternoon relaxing and catching up with old friends and new friends.  Later that evening, Golfers, 
wives, children, Alumni and guests gathered for a wonderful Buffet Dinner.  Afterward, this year's Tournament Winners were awarded the Schreiber Cup.  Other prizes were awarded to the day's top golfers.  Words of appreciation were bestowed on all who participated in this year's event, including 
golfers, Business Sponsors, Contributors and Alumni.   During the Auction, attendees bidded on everything from a "laughing cow" to David Robinson's shoes, worn during  Championship play. 

Because of the generosity of each participant, this Third Annual event raised $7,500.00 in scholarship monies which will be awarded to John Jay students 
graduating in May 2002. 

Your participation is still needed, as it is the goal of the Fund to provide as many scholarships as possible.   Out of town Alumni and Friends may 
participate by providing Auction Items for future events, or by sending a tax-deductible cash contribution to the Fund. 

THANK YOU for caring.... and for your desire to make a difference in the lives of these young people! 

The John Jay H.O.P.E. Scholarship 
Fund Board of Directors 
Mike Hatchett, President 
Lydia Hollingsworth Mrzlak, Vice President 
Lynda Blanton Palmer, Treasurer 
Evelyn Oefinger, Secretary 
Suzy Marquez Alvarado 
Karen Lane Dicus 
Brenda Gloria 
Yvonne Tober Gonzalez 
Paul Moose 
Denise Smithson Sheffield


Complete Meeting Management (CMM) is a business that began almost five years ago on the wings and prayers of Wendy Ballard and Maureen Concklin.  The company provides services for planning meetings and events.  The company works with its clients on everything from locating a city and hotel for the event, inviting and registering guests, making air and hotel arrangements, selecting menu choices, and coordinating audiovisual needs.  The services are "soup to nuts" or any part in between.  Now, with a staff of fourteen, CMM has been able to increase both the number and type of events conducted over the years, with approximately 100 events in 2001. 

As a result of that growth, CMM has been very proud to be involved in the John Jay HOPE scholarship tournament.  As individuals, the founders of CMM possess very generous attitudes, and that simply shines through with the charity of the company.  And the HOPE program is a wonderful opportunity for CMM to provide something that feels substantial, since the money contributed can make such an impact on an individual.  The goal does not need to be millions of dollars in order for it to be meaningful.  $500, $1,000, or $1,500 to a graduating high school student can be a tremendous boost in finances and in enthusiasm.  And that enthusiasm and excitement is contagious! What a small price to pay for that kind of impact.  How often do you get to be part of an "investment" that  "returns" those results?  CMM has been able to be a part of it for three years, and plans to continue into the future. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of the good work that you do for the students of John Jay High School.  We feel a tremendous benefit from it too! 

Maureen Concklin, President 
Wendy Ballard, Vice President


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