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Buffet Dinner & Auction
Saturday, October 16, 2004
Canyon Springs Golf Club
1:30pm shotgun start

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Take our "advice"..."Summer Rules!"   But it's almost over... so  NOW is the perfect time to meet with friends and find some "relief" on the "links."  So "get a grip" and let's enjoy a day of "recovery" together with alumni, teachers & friends at the 6th Annual John Jay H.O.P.E. Golf Tournament.  It's a sure way to make the "rough" parts alot less "yippy" and it sure beats "taking your medicine" all by yourself because of some rotten "fried eggs."  Just try not to take a "whiff."

Hey, who said raising scholarship funds had to be dull and boring?  The 6th Annual Tournament promises to be relaxing and fun... but also a day of competitive golf.  The course at Canyon Springs is challenging for both novices and experienced golfers.  If you don't golf, why not join us for our planned social activities and evening  program?

After the tournament, we'll enjoy a "Cookout Style" Buffet Dinner featuring half-pound burgers, beef hotdogs, potato salad, baked beans, iced tea and freshly baked cookies for dessert.  A cash bar will also be available.  We'll enjoy good food with good friends.  In addition, we'll hear a brief word from our featured guest speakers, which will include one of our H.O.P.E. Scholarship award recipients, and one of our esteemed alumni from John Jay.  Our theme for the 6th Annual Tournament is "Success through Education."

Once again, our annual Silent Auction will feature a wide variety of items for bidding.  In the past, top bidders have taken home David Robinson's shoes, Tim Duncan's shoes, new golf clubs, weekend getaway packages, dinner and entertainment packages, and so forth.  You can "shop without guilt" because the auction gives you the opportunity to take home something you will enjoy while helping to send John Jay students to college!  Proceeds will be used to provide scholarship funds to students graduating in 2005.

Each year, this tournament is a great success because of each participant.  Sure, we're here to have fun... but we're also here to help raise scholarship money for students at John Jay H.S.  The more money we raise, the more scholarships we can award.  So far, we've awarded a total of 26 scholarships to students at Jay.  And we'd like to do even more.

If you've joined us in the past.... we'd like to invite you back!   If you haven't joined us yet.... we invite you to join us now!

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Helping Others Pursue Education

Is a whole lot easier than choosing which "Sandwedge" you want!   You can:

* Participate in the Golf Tournament
* Come to the Dinner & Auction
* Be a sponsor or make a cash donation
* Donate an auction item



Your participation makes a difference in the lives of John Jay students by letting them know we support their dreams and their goals.  Not just in our words.... but by our actions. 


The John Jay H.O.P.E. Scholarship Fund Board of Directors
Mike Hatchett, President
Lydia Hollingsworth Mrzlak, Vice President
Lynda Blanton Atwood, Treasurer 
Evelyn Oefinger, Secretary 
Suzy Marquez Alvarado 
Karen Lane Dicus 
Yvonne Tober Gonzalez 
Paul Moose 
Denise Smithson Sheffield 

The John Jay H.O.P.E. Scholarship
Advisory Board
Theresa Douvry Anderson
Xavier Escobedo
Sharnel Morgan
Johnny Villalobos 





Making a difference in the lives of young adults... that's what your dollars are doing when you participate in our upcoming fundraiser or by simply making a cash donation.  Over the last six years we've awarded 26 Scholarships

Because of your generous support, there are currently 7 Jay grads attending college on a John Jay H.O.P.E. Scholarship.  We hope you'll be encouraged by the words of three of those recipients.  Your gift really does make a difference!

Tonya Hughes
2002, 2003 & 2004 Recipient

As I move toward my junior year of college, I face the reality that life isn't as easy as it may seem.  I am not the infinite superwoman I thought I was in high school.  My outlook was based on a superficial appeal.  My only goal, to be a doctor.  My plan -- just go to college and then I'm on my way to Medical School.

College isn't that simple.  I have to be realistic and affirmative in order to achieve what I want.  My goals have now changed. After going to a number of Medical Schools and talking with current medical students, I know that I will not meet their admission standards.  My biggest challenge this past year is facing this reality.  As I try to cope with the struggles of my undergraduate coursework, I think to myself, "If I can't get through this, then how can I get through Medical School.?"  By all means, I am not giving up on myself, nor my intention of being a doctor.  I just have to take a different approach. 

Currently I am working in the biology lab where I analyze rat brain tissue to see how GnRH is being released and what the effects are on the ME section of the brain.  Working with Dr. G**** has been an amazing experience.  It has taken away my depression and gave me the confidence that I need to continue my education.  My work in the lab has made me realize that research is the route I should take.  I am always learning new things and when things don't work out in the experiment, which always happens, I have learned to deal with it.  Now that I am nearing the end of my college years I need to make a decision.  And now that decision is to go to Graduate School.  It is not my original goal but I still get to be called Dr. Hughes.

Oscar Cantu
2003 & 2004 Recipient

Over the 2003-2004 academic year I have gained enormous academic and personal progress.  I earned a 3/4 GPA in the Fall 2003 semester and the Dean's Full-Time Honors Award.  I was admitted into the Student Leadership Institute (SLI) since Fall 2003 and have been committed to the program for almost a year now. 

I was elected President of the SLI here at the college.  It has been a new experience, in which I have grown as a person and as a leader.  The SLI, including myself, will go to Washington D.C. in May 2004.  I will have the honor to propose a position to Ciro Rodriguez (State Representative), visit the White House, tour the city, and attend an official Government Congressional hearing.

One cannot have triumph and success without sacrifice and challenges.  I have faced so many new challenges this past year.  It is not my intention to be condescending, but I have balanced everything so far including coping with full-time classes, the SLI meetings, house responsibilities, and my personal life.... it has been considerably challenging to cope with everything.

I am approaching a crucial year that will impact my life for the next years to come.  I intend on graduation from ******* Junior College in the Fall 2004 semester, and transferring to ********* for the Spring 2005 and there on.  In short, I have gained much progress toward my academic and life goals, and I look forward to accomplishing all of my goals and dreams.

Brianna Alvarado
2004 Recipient

My plans after graduating high school include attending a community college to obtain an Associates degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Early Childhood - Grade 4).... then transfer to *********** to obtain my Bachelors degree in the same area.... by first attending a community college it will help my family save money so I can finish my last two years at a university.

After college I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher in the San Antonio area.  I have always admired the hard work and dedication teachers put into teaching their students good morals and just making an impact in their lives.  Becoming a teacher has been my life long dream.  Not only are you teaching your kids, but you are also learning with them.  I have always wanted to be a role model and someone children look up to and admire.  I hope to inspire them to do their best and believe in themselves.

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