La Yorona 3
Contributed by Christine

Well growing up in Texas, ive heard many variations of all of these stories including la yorona. I'm from Corpus Cristi and from anybody from here my story comes from the west side of town near the railroad tracks close to Miller High School. My grandmother told me that her dad was walking home at about 10:00 p.m. from a long day's work when he decided to take a rest near an old tree along the railroad tracks. Of corse at that time there were no street lights because it was mostly field,so he had to carry a lantern.About 10 minutes after he had sat down against the tree he heard a soft crying sound. He looked around to see were the noice was comming from vut could see anybody. Afew seconds pasted and he still heard a cry he looked up at the top of the tree and saw a women in white floating around the top of the tree with no face. He mentioned it to my great-grandmother and of corse she was somewhat skeptical untill they went back to there other home over the weekend near lake mathis.

She claimed that she saw a women in a white dress kind of depressed looking.She wanted to ask her what was wronge ,but when she went to ask her she seemed to have just disappeared. Another Part of this story was told to me by my friends mother on the way back from an out of town game in San Antonio.She said since she killed her kids and threw them in the river she roams the streets in Texas that are near rivers or streams searching for there bodies. At night when its very dark if you turn your headlights off right before you get to a road thats curvy and then turn them on low beam as you are turning you will see her figure as you drive down the curvy road.

That's a creepy story, Christine!  Anyone wishing to write to her, may reach Christine at .


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