La Yarona 2 (La Llarona, La Llorona)
Contributed by James

Hi there, my name is James  and I have something to

      Well, growing up in Corpus Christi, you'll hear a lot about the
donkey lady & LA YORONA. Right before my great grandma
died, she told me this weird story. One night while she was walking
home,she saw a lady in black ahead of her, carrying a lamp. (Remember,
it  was a long time ago,& there weren't street lights.) So she walked
up to the lady & asked what was she doing out so late. There was
no reply, so she asked again. This time,the lady stopped& looked
up at my gramma. She screamed. The lady hadn't a human's head
but a horse's one. At this point, my gramma got the heck outta
there. Tripping& falling all the way home.(end)

One more thing; here's another variation: since La Yorona didn't
have enough cash to feed her children, she didn't want em' to suffer,
so she tossed em' off a cliff. Too guilty to live with her sin,she too
jumped. When she got to heaven, the lord wouldn't allow her to enter
till' she found her children's bones (which had been scattered by
the river). To this day, she still searches, willing to take anyone's
bones, anyone who crosses her path............                  james

Hey James, that's a wild variation on the La Yarona (La Llarona) story! Your grandmother must have been quite a story teller! Thanks for submitting this tale!  Also, see this link for more info.

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