Walking in a Cemetery
Contributed by Emily Steward

It was 2 wk. ago, me and My best friend were walking around my grandma's neighborhood, well we were walking and we came 2 a cemetery, we had walked in it b-4 and we knew it was really old and had been in Denison (the town i live in) a long TIME! well we were talking and I was telling my cousin about in my History class we had learned about the Salem Witch Trials, well we both were wondering if there was any witches in that cemetery we were in cause it dated back 2 at least the 1800's, we continued our walk and my friend said "i have a strange feeling emily, i wanna get outta here..." we were really far from the gate so we had awhile, My friend asked me "are you sure you didnt step on any of those graves??" me:" yeah, if i did it was on accident!" she still had a bad feeling......well we got close to the gate and we ran across the street to this closed down shop, she told me 2 sit down,and DONt lo ok @ the cemetery.....i didnt....we were sooooo scared!...........we started back home and we hadn't even ran......we were outta breath.....we were also very tired.........my friends "feeling" actually didn't go away till we got to my grandma's house.........

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Hi, Emily-- Sometimes we need to listen to that little voice in our heads... the one that says 'get out'!  Thanks! --tbs

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