Stories from The Valley
Contributed by Mando

My name is Mando  im from a town in the Rio Grande Valley, Im 15 and I`ve
encountered several  ghosts myself. I first saw a ghost two years ago in our
barely 4 year old house, it was late night me, my mom, my cousin, my sister,
and one of my friends were sitting in the garage talking about UFO`S well i was
sitting in the chair facing north to the edge of the garage and corner of the house.
When I  saw a black,  I mean "black" figure or shadow, just looking @ me from
the corner holding on to the brick and sitting in the sidewalk, then i got
scared and told my mom, they din`t believe me so i ran to the corner and
nothing was there when i got there, i told my neighbor to  walk me to the
backyard and see if there was anyone there but there wasn`t so I stayed
thinking for a moment and just walked back into the garage. Being worried
about the shadow, i weant inside to play on the computer. I said to myself
what could it be? 2 years passed and I told my dad about it cause it just hit
me when i passed thru there and my dad was in the garage, so i told him what
i had seen and I got the feeling he din`t believe me, so i went inside then a
week passed and it was around 11:30 pm and my dad was in the driveway when he
felt something really cold touch him, and then he turned around and just saw
a black shadow like a a 10 year old kid shadowy figure just pass right in
front of him, then it dissapeared he said. so then i asked him " Now do you
believe me?" he said "yes i did since the day u told me" So months have gone
by and we haven`t seen anything since, but i have heard strange noises going
on inside our home and outside when it is really calm and settled.

My toy car
I used to have a car that i just sold in march 2001. This car was like a
little remote controlled car, everytime i would charge the battery i would
put the little car in my closet, we went to a party and then when we came
back we heard a strange sound, it was loud and sounded like my remote
controled car, so we followed the noise it was my car and it was moving all
on its own, with any batteries, it would go into my mom`s room, back in my
room and back and forth until i stopped itand picked it up, i checked the
batteries and there was nothing in their, so i went  to check if the battery
was still charging and it was but the plug was unplugged, so we were shocked.
Like 1-2 weeks before this happend my Cousin had died in a car accident, so
it was really weird and @ first i thought it must be my cousin because he
loved using it. So that still remains unexplanable.

My dad and his family...
My dad and his family used to go work in Indiana, with some other relatives
of theirs. One night my grandma and grandpa, (my dad`s parents) went out for
a night, they left the oldest son from theyre 4 kids babysitting, it was late
night my dad is the smallest one from them, and the oldest brother was
telling my dad, his sister and his other brother some stories so in that
room, there was something really strange about it, there was an old guitar
that the people who lived there left in that room, it was the only itme they
left behind. Well the guitar was sitting in one corner of the room when
suddenly it began playing by itself, my dad said they freaked out and left
runnig to my grandpas cousin`s hous which was like 3 acres away, so they left
runnig and yelling until they got overthere, and once they were there, then
they let them in and held them theyre until my grandma, and grandpa, got
back. When they got back , they told theyre dad what had happened, and he
dint believe them, so they went over to theyre house and the guitar wasn`t
playing anymore. Later that month the dad of those who they ran to, had died
in a train track, a train took his life and dragged him thru the tracks,
people say that whole area is haunted until this day. My dad`s sister had
gotten really sick living in that house until they finnally moved out and
came back to the valley.

Back to California
My dad was born In hollister California, which is where they moved after
indiana, and the RGV. The oldest brother had left his parents and was already
married, so it was only the second Eliazar, Belia, and my dad Mando. My
grandpa was looking for a place to live in california, they found a good
little house and looked new. The house would rent for a cheap price. It was
there first day in that house and everyone was asleep. My dad was in between
my grandma and grandpa, belia was in the room to but with her own bed, and
eliazar was all alone, in a room to himself. He told me that when he was
asleep something woke him up, a noise a very weird voice of someone. the
window was too high so and the bed was next to the window but eliazar couldnt
be able to see out side unless he would stand on his bed, he stood there
laying in his bed frightend when only he looked down and saw the bed was
risen  several feet up in the air, there was a strange ligjht outside next to
there car, so he was so scared he dint know what to do, so he jumped out of
his bed and ran as fast as he could to his parents room, he cuddled up and
was telling his parents about what had happend, my grandpa told him " shutup
and go to sleep" so he did as he was told. the next morning everything was
outside next to the car meaning the ghost or spirit wanted them out, so my
grandma ran to the car and told everyone to get the stuff in the trailer and
get out. thats all.

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Thanks for the cool stories, Mando! Sounds like you have seen come pretty creepy things!----tbs

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