Voices in the School
Contributed by Sandra Salas

This story was told to me by my second-cousin who lives in the Valley and attends one of the highschools there.  He told me that a long time ago, one of the students who had attended that highschool had commited suicide in it.  And he says that a lot of his friends have had experiences like hearing voices when noone else is present.  My cousin had this happen to him.  He said that he went into one of the restrooms in the school and found that nobody else was in there.  He said that he quickly did his business and started walking towards the sinks to wash his hands.  When he was about to finish washing them, he heard a voice coming from one of the stalls.  Which, as a matter of fact, he had checked to make sure no one was playing a trick on him.  He didn't hear the voice anymore nor did he find anyone there so he turned and was about to walk out when he suddenly heard a voice again....and this time it laughed such a strange laugh that my cousin got chills all over and ran out of the restroom!  He said that the laughter sounded evil.  He couldn't tell if the voice sounded male or female, but it DEFINETLY sounded evil!


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