Empty Restaurant (Not)
Contributed by Sandra Salas

Yes, it's me, once again!  I have another story to share with you.  My family owns a well-known restaurant (I don't want to mention the name).  Some of my family members, myself included, and some of our employees have had strange experiences in the building.  Sometimes we see shadows.  Other times we feel like someone is watching us.  Sometimes we even hear footsteps in the kitchen...as if someone is walking right behind you...but when you turn, there is no one there.  One night, I was using my camera phone to take a couple of pictures of my brother.  He was standing next to this large window that is divided down the middle by a metal frame.  Anyway, we used to have a notebook sized paper sign on that window and we used to have a potato chips displayer right in front of that particular division of the window.  The displayer was almost completely up against that wall and window...so no one, not even a child could fit between it and the window itself.  So, I told my brother to stand next to the window, and I shot a couple of pictures of him with my phone.  I then sent them to my computer so that I could make them larger.  When I did that, I noticed something strange...the rectangular sign wasn't rectangular.  It looked like something was blocking part of it.  So I zoomed in on it and I noticed that it was a shadow!  It looked like a shoulder and part of the arm down to the elbow.  Mind you that there was no one else near us when I took those pictures! AND, it wasn't in both pictures!  It wasn't my brother's shadow because he was on the far right side of the picture.  Then I noticed that the shadow was in fact in front of the sign but behind the chips displayer!  I looked at every detail that I could to try to explain it...but nothing made sense.  Then I realized that the window was dark because it was about 9:00 p.m., but the shadow looked a different shade from it...the window looked darker, while the shadow looked like a brownish shade.  And it even blocked part of the window itself!  Then I remembered that at least 3 people had told me that they had seen what appeared to be a man standing right at that exact spot......but when they had seen him, the restaurant was already closed for the day and no one was in the building.  It would happen like at 11:00 p.m. They say that they see him leaning there, arms crossed, and that he then walks forward, like towards the counter, and disappears.  I even printed out the picture and you could clearly see that it didn't make sense because nothing was there that could have made that shadow. 

Another incedent involved one of our customers.  A lady walked in and was looking for our Mexican sweetbread display.  It was located next to this soda machine which in turn is located near the door that leads into our dinning area.  The door to the diner was wide open as it usually is during business hours.  All of a sudden the lady hurries back to the front of the restaurant and walks up to the counter looking all pale from her face.  So the employee asked her what was wrong....and the lady said that the door swung closed about half way and then opened up all the way again...but itself!  She was sooo scared that she made her purchase and quickly left. 

I have often heard things when I am there by myself right after we close.  I hear as if something metal falls into one of the large stainless steel sinks....but when I go check things out, everything is where it should be.  I have often felt as if someone were watching me from the entrance to the kitchen.  One of my brothers, who was always a skeptic when it came to this sort of thing, FINALLY had an experience himself.  This happened like in January (2007).  He was there on a Sunday because, since we don't open Sunday's, he has time to go and prepare everything for the following day.  He was there by himself...all doors locked...when he suddenly hears a voice say, "HEY!".  And my brother was like..."Hey."  Then when no one replied...he looked around and saw that he was alone.  He blew it off and kept on doing what he was doing.  Then again....he heard, "HEY!"  And again my brother went, "Hey."  Again, no reply.  So he decided to see what was going on.  He walked out of the kitchen and walked towards the diner door, to see if anyone was in there.  Right before he got to the door he felt a sudden cold breeze move through him and he got chills all over!  He still went into the dining room...and yes, he was alone!  NOW, he is a believer! 

Thank you for letting me share these stories with you,


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Another great story, Sandra!  Thanks for sending it in!--tbs
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