Spooky Haunting on Post
Contributed by HB

Hello, I am a military wife and my husband is currently stationed in Iraq.  Well, we live in a 4-plex in military base housing (will be moving to other quarters on post).  We are moving soon, thank goodness.  My neighbors have experienced things in their apartments.  For the moment, I have experienced things as well but nothing like what the neighbors have experienced.

My neighbors have caught glimpses of a young boy and a man in their places.  I myself have felt cold spots and seen something's that creeped me out.  Like for instances, I was helping my upstairs neighbor move to her new place on the other side of post.  She wanted me to go to her place and get the rest of her bathroom items out of the bathroom.  I had walked upstairs and walked into the place.  I looked down the hallway and saw the door was closed to the other part of the apartment when earlier that day she had opened that door leading to the bedrooms.  It had been shut once again.  I quickly opened it and took the remanning items out of the bathroom and looked in the kitchen and saw all the cabinets ajar once again.  The cabinets had been closed earlier that day.  I dashed out of there as fast as I could.  I started my car and got back over to my neighbors new house.  When, I walked through the front door she had asked if I was all right.  I explained to her what had happened earlier to me when I was getting those items out of the apartment.  My face was somewhat ashy and white.  She had told me that she had a feeling of being watched while she had been in the upstairs in her apartment earlier that day w/out me up there w/her.

It seems everyone in the complex has had experiences like the one I had and she had as well.  I am not skeptical but it makes me wonder about those things that "GO BUMP" in the night.


The apartment that the old upstairs neighbor lived in had been "BLESSED" by her father a pastor up from Cleveland.  The reason she had it done was b/c of all the strange incidents that had happened up there in the apartment.  My old downstairs neighbor had her house "BLESSED"  by a base chaplain.  You are probably wondering on whether or not mine had been "BLESSED" as well, I live right under a Navajo woman.  Here grandfather had come over when she first moved into the place and "BLESSED" the house  too.  From my understanding, my neighbor's grandfather was a shaman and placed a protection and a blessing on her apartment and the one underneath.

I was relived to hear this from my other upstairs neighbor.  Even though a few times that I have been here in this place I have felt strange and unusual things.  Like the feeling of being watched.  I keep most of the lights on in the house since my husband has been away.  It ease my mind to think that being in a lite room is safer than being in the dark.

To get back to the 1st neighbors apartment that had been blessed first had less activity going on in it.  It seemed that most of it had stopped until she started to move out of the place last week.  There were neighbors down the street that helped move her new kitchen table to her new place.  While they had been up there it was VERY HOT, I am talking to almost 80-85 degrees hot w/no end in sight of the heat.  For some reason the thermostat has been turned up to 80-85 degrees when normally it is set between 65-70.  The people who were picking up the table turned the thermostat down to at least 60 degrees.  Well, needless to say they worked very quickly and got the heck out of the place.  It seems to me that the entities are glad we are going so they can have the place back to themselves once again.  That is fine by me.  I wish them well and hope they can find peace soon.  They are remolding the whole block where I live.  I can't wait to be in my new house on the other side of post.  Like I stated before, I hope they find some peace soon.  She still felt the presence there in the apartment but rarely did it do anything more to her or the small children of the house hold.  I will write more to you about the goings on in the 4-plex at a different time.  thank you, hb

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Looks like you have a lot of busy, if mysterious neighbors, HB!  If anyone would like to contact her, please write to her at countvonbarron@aol.com .

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