Stories from Long Island, New York

Two Weird Sightings

I live in a haunted house.
Every night I open my eyes to see a whitish figure near my closet. All my
toys are in the closet, but I never checked it.  It happened when I went to
bed one night. It was during the summer, so obviously I had the fan and
portable fan on. I was not asleep yet. I was dosing a little bit when I saw a
white figure coming towered me. It disapered.Soon it came back again, but a
little backwards. I looked as if it had webbed feet, and I don't know anyone
who has webbed feet. The neck looked twisted alittle bit. the face looked sad.
That was the last time I saw the ghost.

The haunted parking lot:
I live in a apartment. underneath is a parking lot. The Marine/Auto
Machanics work there. Men use construction stuff to help other cars. Over
were the apartment is, the veiw i have is not pretty. I see old cars from the
20's 40's 60's. I have a freind whose name is Jill (belive it or not) and we
had a sleep over. As usal, we were telling ghost stories. "Man, do you have
bad luck," She said. I was thinking about the parking lot so close the my
home. "Why?" I said. "Because the parking lot is haunted, some folks here
say. Ever heard of the Big Olff?"  I started getting a little scared. "nope.
tell me. " thay say if you walk near one of the cars, you can smell a strong
oder. then a foggy whit misty figure comeout of the trunk of the car. Then,
you can see a figure of a creature laughing. then it's gone.

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Wow! Those are some pretty strange sightings! Hope I don't see anything like that soon! --tbs

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