The Valley: Haunted School
Contributed by Daisy Loredo

My name is Daisy, and I have a several creepy stories of the Valley.

One particular story that I just recently found out was told to me by my uncle. We were all sitting outside his house about two weekends ago and we were just talking and I asked him to tell me some of his ghost stories.

He told me that about a year ago he was working as a security guard at stcc, which used to be the old Sam Houston Elementary school like many years ago. I think this school is on Houston st. All I know is that it's by the mall and now is a college.  Either way, he said that his shift started at 12:00 a.m. He had suddenly seen two cats looking strangely at him. My uncle hates cats so he threw rocks at them to see if they'd go away. Well as he threw one of the cat a rock, the cat didn't move a muscle. He tried again and again and the cats wouldn't move until my uncle got very frustrated and chased them down till finally they ran up a huge tree that is there.

As my uncle walked up and down the school, he kept passing this particular room that is closed and is not used for classes. Well he said that this room has a window that you can see through that has five dolls that are just leaning against the window facing down. My uncle has issues with dolls, (lol) but anyway he swore that as soon as he would pass by the dolls would be leaning against the window but as soon as he'd pass back by that window the dolls wouldn't be there but as he passed once again , they ended up leaning back against the window.

My uncle got ugly chills and didn't want to even finish his shift. Well right after this happened all of a sudden he heard a door slam really really loud! Keep in mind that during these hours of course, there's no school going on. So he was simply guarding the whole entire building by himself. Well after that door slammed, my uncle got freaked out and thought to himself that somebody might by tresspassing through and just fooling around. Well as soon as my uncle started walking up to where he had heard that door slam, all the lights turned off. It seemed that there was no electricity after that noise. So my uncle was in the middle of the hallway which is outside by himself in total pitch darkness.

My uncle had a flashlight with him and started flashing around to see if he'd see anybody, and saw nothing. But shortly after that, he saw little figures that were tiny and they looked like the dolls shadows. Their shadows kept popping up and down against the wall of the hallway where my uncle was standing. My uncle ran out of the building and he ran to his truck. Well as soon as he got to his truck, the headlights started turning on by themselves. He had his keys still in his hands and hadn't even touched his truck and the truck was locked to top it all off. Well my uncle still got to open it and he got in and of course as every story goes, his truck didn't want to turn on and it was basically dead. So he still tried to crank it and crank it till finally it turned on and he drove off out of there.

As he was driving off through an alley, his truck started smoking!!! from the inside and he parked it and jumped out, and then the smoke cleared.  Well he got back into his truck and drove back home. He called his boss and told his boss that he was never going back there again. His boss told him that he wasn't surprised because his former employees had quit on him for the same reasons of that building being haunted. A week later this man called my uncle and asked him to go back to that place because he needed to talk to him. My uncle freaked out but since it was during the day and in the morning , he went back to see what that man wanted. Well my uncle got there and the man who called my uncle is a janitor there. The man said "your the person that was here working last week and all these things happened to you blah blah blah" and my uncle said "yes" How did you know? and the man said "let's just say word gets around" so my uncle blew it off and said "well why did you ask me to come over here?" the man took my uncle to that very same room where those dolls were on the window. My uncle didn't see the dolls on the window this time and the man opened the door and the dolls ended up right at the bottom of the door on the inside of the room. My uncle freaked and the man told him that those dolls were made out of real human hair. My uncle got angry off and said "why do you still have them here!!! and the man said "i've been working here for over 10 years and i've thrown them away but every morning i see them back in this room. My uncle said"ok, that's all i need to know goodbye!"

I think this building is very freaky. It is indeed haunted and it's close to the downtown area in McAllen. If you ever want to see a ghost, you might want to try this stcc.

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That's not a place I'd want to work, Daisy...sounds like a bad career move.  ;-)  Thanks for the creepy story!! --tbs

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