Midget Mansion & School Hauntings in San Atonio by chilli_at_bobs

I've never been to midget mansion, I've just heard stories starting from back when I was in middle school - late 80s, a few people I knew would frequent Midgent Mansion.  From the little I know, this was a place in San Antonio, off I-10 @ Callaghan, I believe the area has become [a major retailer].  Well, back when I was younger, I was always told of a couple of canniballistic midgets that lived in an abandoned mansion. The place was somewhat isolated and as such I would here of satanic cults in the area, it wasn't uncommon to hear of their abandoned sacrificial grounds within the midget mansion area.  Teenagers in San Antonio would frequent the area in search of the canniballistic midgets, a few actually reported encounters.  No one I knew was eaten, but there were a few freaky experiences/ sightings I heard of.

On a different note, it wasn't uncommon to hear of school hauntings in San Antonio either.

Two elementry schools and one middle school come to mind.  One of the elementry school was [-----] the other was [-----].  At [-----] there used to be an erie basement that was only visible by it's steps, steps that went down into the ground. Late at night all you would see was a few lights from very small windows - not big enough to see inside.  We always talked of how it was odd, something never felt right about that basement. Regardless it wasn't too freaky, but at [-----] and [-----], it wasn't uncommon to see red eyes or shadows staring at you from a window, at times blinds would open and close - appearantly by themselves - during summer months when there wasn't any summer school; and at a time when schools were abandoned in the summer months.  Several friends and I experienced these events summerly, and many kids at school would converse of these incidents - to us, it was kind of freaky. Last I heard [-----] was knocked down and a new school bore it's name.  [A school with that name has an active web page, so I've deleted the name to prevent unwanted attention---tbs].

The middle school I mentioned is [-----] middle school where rumors spread rampant of a young lady whom was killed by a janitor in an auditorium's dark underground stairwell.  The stairwell in question was never lite, it curved into it's self into darkness, appearing almost endless, no one dared to disturb it.  The few people brave enough to bear it firts steps reported the view of an apparition of hands, cold sensations, or a feeling of uncomfort that that shroud such a fear- the brave souls who dare attempted a conquer of this horrendous feat would shriek out in terror and claim to have seen "something."

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 Hi chilli_at_bobs! I was told that the house that my circle assumed was Midget Mansion has burned down. The only thing left was a pool. It was located in the area you wrote about, and was rumored to be owned by one of the more recognizable TV news folks. Thanks for sending this info in!!! --tbs

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