La Llorrona
Contributed by Eddie Rodriguez

My name is Eddie and this is my story as it happened that night. My brother,soon-to-be brother-in-law and myself had been cruising around in Wero's (soon-to-be brother-in-law) car just listening to music on that hot summer night.  We decided to head to Lasara, a little town west of Raymondville, where our intentions were to find a grain truck at the grain elevator and borrow some gas to keep on cruising, well we borrowed the gas and stopped at an old ranch house that had been there for ages, anyway we stopped to put gas in the car,Wero and me got off and my brother, being the scardy cat stayed in the car. As we were standing beside the car we heard some noise inside the old house we yelled out some things and continued what we were doing, all of a sudden the wind started blowing pretty weird and from the side of the old house I saw her, the Lady in white or La Llorrona, I told Wero look! it's la llorona ,we just stood there unable to move seeing with our own eyes what before had only been a tale our grandmas used to tell us, she moved in front of the car abot ten feet in front of us, she was floating about two feet off the ground her dress was swirling all around her,afterward it reminded me of a scene from the movie POLTERGEIST, when a spirit is coming down the stairs, that's what it looked like. Any way she moved towards a gate and the gate started to open all by itself with a loud groan, she passed and the gate closed hard behind her, well the shock worn off we ran into the car my brother was almost under the back seat I mean he was scared, we tried to start the car but it would'nt start it was just cranking finally it started and we took off but in our scared state we turnen back toward Lasara, just as we were getting to the bridge the car just died I mean everything turned off, I was yelling at Wero to start the car and as I looked out towards the field I saw her coming straight for the car man my heart started beating like crazy and I'm yelling"start the car,start the car" she was about five feet from the car when the car started Wero did a 360 right there in the middle of the road and we took off not looking back.When we got to our house we stopped there just sitting for awhile trying to understand what we had just seen, my brother was so scared he never went cruising with us again. Wero, well he's my brother-in-law now and from time to time we talk about that night, the night that made us beleive in La Llorrona.

Hey Eddie, that was scary! Great story! --tim


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