The Landlady's House
Contributed by Donna N.

I've had several "paranormal" experiences. All my life I have "seen" things that probably should have scared the wits out of me, but only served to make me even more curious. The one that remains the most vivid in my memory happened one night in a house we had lived in about 5 years ago (which has since been torn down) in Waukegan, Illinois. Our landlady's (rest in peace Phyllis) parents had built the house when she was a little girl, and had both died in the house. Lee (my ex husband) was sleeping on the couch in the living room and I was sleeping in our bedroom, which had no door and faced the living room. I woke up hearing a creaking noise, and thinking it was Lee coming to bed, sat up. When I looked into the living room, the rocking chair was slowly rocking - I could see a hazy figure of an old man standing in front of it, looking toward my mother in law's room. I had seen things like this before, and prefer to show respect for the dead and let them go about their business. I never felt scared - until the next day when I asked the landlady about her parents.  That was when I got to learn that her father had died in that chair, and her mother had died in my my mother in law's bedroom.  After that I always kinda just felt like I was an intruder in someone else's home, even though I never saw anything else after that.  The landlady's husband must have seen or known something as well - within a week of Phyllis' passing, he had the place leveled.  So that's how it ended, and you know, I still get a creepy feeling whenever I drive past the lot where my house used to be.  Thanks for taking the time to listen!

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Thanks for the creepy tale from Illinois, Donna!
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