A Collection of True Ghost Stories and Weird Tales from Texas


Chickenskin is honored to have been a source
for some of the stories in the book from Barnes & Noble,
WEIRD TEXAS, as well as for being allowed to contribute to a follow-up
project, WEIRD HAUNTINGS.  Thanks go to the two Marks for
allowing us to be part of such cool projects.  To find out more, please
visit their Web site found at


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Things you may know about Texas: cowboys, Cowboys
cattle, oil wellsBig D, the Alamo, The Spurs
The Lone Star State, San Jacinto, ZZ Top, NASA, and of course Texans!

Things you may not know about Texas: the Third Coast,
Silicon Hills, earthquakes, camels, ghosts.

About those ghosts... Many of the stories that appear here
are based on the true experiences of our family and close friends.
Other stories are local legends from around the Lone Star State.
Hopefully, these stories will encourage you to explore the
rich folklore and lesser-known heritage of your part of the world.

~ Stories ~

(More common spellings are La Llorona and La Llarona
See also Woman Hollering Creek).

And haunted schools...

More stories will be added as time allows...

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These are the scariest stories...
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