I'm Starting to Forget

Some friends of my sister-in-law had a young son who, when a new baby sister arrived,
talked frequently to the girl. He kept her laughing and babbling for hours.
The parents were grateful for the kindness and attention he showed the baby.

One day the boy was spending so much time entertaining his sister,
the parents thought it would be fun to listen in on the children's dialogue.
They discretely placed a baby monitor close to the crib
so they might be able to eavesdrop on the "conversation".

Later, when their son entered the baby's room, the parents quickly ran to their
bedroom and turned on the baby monitor. They were excited and felt a
little sneaky as they listened in...

"Tell me about Heaven," the parents heard the boy whisper, "I'm starting
to forget."

And the baby began to babble....

Cody's Story

When I read "I'm starting to forget," it sent chills up my spine. I don't why, but it did. I read it three or four times and it just gave me a strange feeling each time I read it. I think you could call it one of those "good" feelings.
     Anyhow, it made me think of a story of my own that was told to me by my cousin Doug. You see, down in Eastland, TX you don't get a whole lot of snow.
Maybe every couple of years if you're lucky. And even if it does snow, you'll likely only see maybe an inch or two, which is just enough to barely cover the ground. Well, there were a couple of occasions where it did actually snow several feet, which was a rarity that hasn't been seen in a long time.
     On one of these occassions, I was about three or four years old according to my cousin. Apparently my grandfather, my cousin, and my dad (or another
relative) were arguing about whether or not we'd see any snow because it was being predicted. He said I walked right into the middle of the conversation, and with a smug look said, "it's going to snow tonight."
My grandfather turned to me and said, "Cody, how do you know that it's going to snow tonight?" And with only innocence that a child can have I said, "because Jesus told me that we were."
     And when we awoke the next morning, there was three feet of snow on the ground...

Cody Butler (23)
Amarillo, TX

Cody, it makes one wonder how many messages we've missed, simply because we've forgotten how to hear them. Thanks for the great story! --tim

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