The Eastland Cemetery
When I lived in Eastland, I worked for the Cemetery Dept. for two different Summers. Now, I was just a temporary hand, but there were a few occassions where strange things happened that I cannot begin to explain. It's just like the others say, weird things only seem to happen to you when you're alone. And many a strange thing did happen while I was out working by myself.
     You see, there was four of us. Two full time employees, and one other temp just like me. Well, we'd split up and go down different sections of the cemetery so that we could cover more area in a shorter time period. (We mowed, weed-eated, and assisted with funerals mind you)
     Anyhow, earlier that day we had set up a tent and all the arrangements for a funeral. That includes the tent, the lowering device, (which lowers the casket) carpets, and two rows of six chairs. The two rows of chairs are aligned perfectly straight with one another with about a couple of feet of space in between the front and back row. (For the immediate family to sit, you understand) So, after we get everything set up, we go back to doing our usual, boring work of maintaing the cemetery. Our boss left to go to the parts store, and we went over to the South side of the cemetery to do our work. Now, we had these two-radios which the full time hands kept on them all the time in case the boss holler'd at 'em.
     Well, we did our work as usual, a typical day in the life of Cody B. and CO. Well, a little while later, we see our boss driving up through the cemetery, so one of the guys says, "Let's get back over to the tent because Dean will probably want us to sit over there and wait for the funeral to start.
(Sometimes we had to play pall-bearers, or assist with anything the funeral director might need.) Now, I know that Dean did not go over to the funeral site before we did, because I had been periodically glancing over my shoulder towards the site to see if he was there.
That's about the time we saw Dean drive up. So without being radio'd we meet Dean over at the funeral tent.
     To make a long story short, when we got there, the chairs in the front row were perfectly aligned.
But the chairs in the back row, that was a different story. The first was aligned with the front chair, the second was moved back two feet further. The next was aligned with the front chair, the other, moved a couple of feet further back. Basically, it made a zig-zag design and no one was there to move the chairs. Not us, nor the boss had messed with them. And that's one of the less strange things that happened.

Cody B. (23)
Amarillo, TX

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Hi Cody- you have some great tales to share! It helps to remind us that we all have something a little..different that has happened in our lives.  --tbs

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