The Dancing Devil

San Antonio is a very interesting place year round. There are city-wide
parties at the drop of a hat. During the Christmas season, the River Walk is lit
by 80,000 colorful lights and roamed by tourists from all over the world.
Each of the many ethnic groups (Hispanic, German, Czech, Polish, Greek, etc.)
that contribute to the history and heritage of Texas have festivals throughout
the year.

But in October, Hispanic traditions dominate, giving Halloween in San Antonio
a unique twist on the day's theme.

On Halloween, it is said, El Diablo (The Devil) appears for a night on the
town. He dresses in the finest attire, with one notable exception (but we'll
get to that in a moment). He visits many night spots across town, having a
preference for the low-lit, smaller establishments. He wines and dines the
prettiest young woman he can find. She is enchanted with him, not knowing his
true nature. Then he asks her to dance.

Intoxicated by his charm and uncommon good looks, she accepts the invitation.
The dance begins. The young woman is held spellbound by his eyes as they
dance in the close confines of the club.

Invariably, however, she looks down at the floor, after a mis-step perhaps.
What she sees then makes her scream in horror. The impeccably dressed man with
whom she has been infatuated all night has the feet of a chicken!

The Devil then laughs, and during the confusion that ensues, retreats
to a dark corner and vanishes in a foul, sulfurous cloud of smoke.

The Dancing Devil 2

Some say San Antonio is the place of dreams and the center of nightmares. Especially on holidays. One to remember is a Halloween Party. Many Have heard the story and it has been told in different versions. This is my Version.

One night, a young man dressed in a top hat and black cape walked to town to a small party. Some say he was very well dressed and very nice looking. When he entered the party he sat on the wall untill he saw the prettiest girl there. He singled her out to dance and when he did, the dance floor cleared to make room for only the couple.

As they danced, people began to point and everyone backed to the walls of the room. The young girl looked to see why they were pointing at her nice looking young friend. She looked down, and instead of seeing feet, she saw cloven hooves!

The young man then grabbed her arm and jumped out the window. A young child ran to the window and began screaming that the man not only had cloven hooves, he also had to horns under his top hat that he had dropped . The crowd didnt believe it.They quickly took the child away They only thought of the doomed girl and of the man dressed in a halloween "costume".

As the crowd looked out, they saw only the young girl a shower of glass all around her, and a black top hat with two holes in the top.


Thanks for the new take on the Dancing Devil story, Lele... That would be something to see! --tim

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